WARNING: Your current sales video is forcing you to ignore HALF
of your audience and it's snuffing out your sales...here's proof:
New "Intelligent Video Pitch Delivery" Technology Doubles Your Sales & Creates At Least 200%
More Customers - Or Your Money Back...
  • Double the effectiveness of ANY sales video without increasing traffic or effort
  • Reclaim lost profits caused by outdated marketing tactics that haven't changed w/ the times
  • Regain customer attention and uncover loyal customers you've been unknowingly ignoring all along
  • Deliver custom-personalized sales videos just like a pitch in the real world, w/ precision like automation
  • Create interactive video courses, reduce refunds and ramp up customer success rates
  • ...and much MUCH more!
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Mac and PC Compatible
Within your group of customers, there are at least 2 major groups of people
with specific problems, experience and desires...
For example, if the product you sell is a course on Facebook ads.

There will be 2 major groups of people in your audience who would be interested in this product.

And each one needs a different sales message if you want to speak to them directly.
The first group of people will be fairly new to online marketing and may have never tried FB ads before.

Perhaps they’ve heard about FB ads and are curious about will help them increase sales or grow their business.

These people – let's call them “newbies” - will obviously need a more detailed explanation of the benefits of FB ads and why they need use them.

Otherwise, you’ll lose them
Now the second group of people within your audience may be experienced online marketers.

They may not only know the benefits of FB ads and how they work, but they may even be running their own campaigns and are just looking to sharpen their skills, or learn a few different tactics to get results better than what they are currently getting.

These are the “experienced” marketers and a basic sales message will only push them away, and cause them to think your course is too basic for them – not advanced enough.

And you’ll lose their attention before you’ve even got a chance to show them your product and ask for the sale.

You know your product will help ALL of your customers – from BOTH groups.
But if you make a sales video talking to only one of these, your sales video simply won’t connect with a massive chunk of your audience – and you WILL lose sales.

OR even worse, you try to make a “one size fits all” sales video that attempts to target both major groups at the same time.

And your sales message becomes too broad and you lose people from both groups. 

In fact…
If You’re Sending All Your Traffic to a “One Size Fits All” Sales Video...
You're Losing HALF Of Your Sales
And You Have Been All Along
How much money have you been leaving on the table?
You want your customers to have a personalized experience with your videos.
They come to your sales video and instead of losing HALF of your audience because the sales message doesn't appeal to them, your video actually acts like a real live sales person and asks them questions

Just like a sales person in the real world!

And based on their answers, your viewer gets a custom sales experience - a custom sales video - that speaks exactly to their needs.
You Connect With a Higher Percentage of Your Audience
Your Conversions Increase
And Your Sales Go Through the Roof.
Your income goals are reached and you can sleep a little better at night knowing that your sales video is working around the clock like a real live sales person, converting your viewers into happy customers. 
BUT wait a minute...how the heck is this possible?
It sounds like it would be really expensive to have a programmer create something like this...
And you’re right...

And this is why you’ve most likely never seen a sales video that asked you questions.

Just one that delivered the same sales pitch to you along with everyone who watched it.

Well, until now...it wasn't possible.
We've Tried A Few Other Solutions That Came Close
But they all were...
Too Expensive
Require Monthly Costs
NOT "Marketer Friendly"
Too Complicated
Which led my friend and genius programmer Matt and I to create the best "Intelligent Video Pitch Delivery" Platform...ever.
Yep, that’s right.

We created the technology that allows you to deliver custom sales messages with your sales videos to your customers based on their answers to questions you may want to ask them such as…
Are you a man OR a woman?"
Have you ever used Facebook ads before?"
Are you a newbie OR experienced?"
Do you want to lose fat OR build muscle?"
Do you own a home OR rent?"
Are you searching for a car OR a truck?"
You can now see how each one of those questions would NEED a separate video segment...
After all, if you were making a fat loss product, wouldn’t it make sense to have a different sales video for men and a different one for woman? 

Men and woman both have different motivators for getting in shape, they both face different struggles and their bodies burn fat differently – so a “one size fits all” sales video simply won’t work!  

You need to be able to ask them questions and deliver a custom sales message, just like a sales person in real life.

The First Drag and Drop "Intelligent Video Pitch Delivery" System
That Turns Your Sales Videos Into Smart - Quick Thinking
Automatic Sales Generating Machines
It's Like Having A Real Life Professional Salesperson That Works Around The Clock And Never Asks For A Raise
Select The Best Version For You:
Each Version Comes with ALL Powerful Features and a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Billed once, NO recurring fees.
Personal Use ONLY
Create an unlimited number of VAX videos
Unlimited plays
Unlimited question/answer levels
FREE video cloud hosting w/ Dropbox, or Youtube (works w/ Amazon S3 too)
Store up to ten VAX videos at once on our server
Detailed smart video analytics
Custom video color branding
Smart mobile video fallback
Step by Step Video Training
FREE Updates & Support for 6 months
Billed once, NO recurring fees.
Personal AND Client Use
Create an unlimited number of VAX videos
Unlimited plays
Unlimited question/answer levels
FREE video cloud hosting w/ Dropbox, or Youtube (works w/ Amazon S3 too)
Store up to ten VAX videos at once on our server
Detailed smart video analytics
Custom video color branding
Smart mobile video fallback
Step by Step Video Training
FREE LIFETIME Updates & Support
What is "Video Agent X"?
See It In Action Below...
What You Get:
The "Video Agent X"
Cloud Based Software
You'll get instant access the "Video Agent X" cloud based software so you can be creating your first interactive video and start increasing sales & engagement just minutes from now.

Step by Step
Video Guidance
"Video Agent X" is super easy to use but you'll also get several in depth video tutorials walking you through how to use the software to create interactive videos that SELL.
Personalized Support Directly From The Creators
We don't outsource our support overseas for cheap. When you submit a ticket you'll be communicating directly with the team behind this software, including the lead programmer.
But, don't take our word for it...
See What Traffic and Conversion Guru Justin Brooke Said About This "Future of Online Sales"
In His Prediction from Stage In 2014...
Originally published on Youtube.com by https://www.youtube.com/user/trafficstrategist in 2014 .
Justin Brooke is not affiliated with and does not endorse "Video Agent X". His video just gave us the idea to create it!
Make more sales without any additional traffic or effort
You don't need to buy a bunch more ads, and you don't need to split test 10 different videos to find out which one works. VAX simply allows your visitors to choose their own custom video paths, keeping them at a point of maximum engagement throughout your ENTIRE video.
Host your videos for FREE on the cloud
You can use ANY video on Youtube, Dropbox or videos you host on Amazon S3. Just grab the URL and VAX will do the rest.
Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface
Although the technology behind VAX is complicated, using it is NOT. VAX has been optimized to make the creation of interactive videos a walk in the park for you, regardless of your experience or tech skills. When we say a 7 OR 77 yr old could use this, we mean it!
The best user experience of ANY sales video
Your visitors won't be forced to sit through a boring video that they can't relate to. Instead, they'll get to pick their own path and generate a completely personalized video sales experience. We don't have to tell you how this will sky-rocket engagement and MURDER video drop off rates.
Own for LIFE
This is a subscription free zone. Invest once and it's yours for life, along with direct to vendor personalized support and FREE updates for LIFE on the commercial version. (optional: if you want to purchase more storage, you can with "VAX Unlimited" monthly)
Finally uncover hidden pockets of profitable customers
Whether you know it or not, you've got people on your list who could benefit from your product BUT they don't know it because of your "one size fits all" sales video. VAX will help you find these dormant subscribers and convert them into happy customers.
How It Works:
Checkout these interactive video examples...
Setting Up Your First Smart Sales Video With
"Video Agent X" Only Takes a Few Seconds...
4 Simple Steps To Smarter Sales Videos
Step 1: Add Your Opening Video
This is the beginning of your video and serves as a "general introduction" before asking the viewer the first question.
Step 2: Add Your Questions
Here's where you ask your viewer to answer a question so you can deliver the next part of your video best suited to them. Example: "Are you a newbie or are you experienced?"

NOTICE: You can add an UNLIMITED number of question + answer levels and REALLY segment your audience!
Step 3: Add Your Answer Videos
These are the videos your viewer will see based on how they answer the questions(s) you add in Step 2. Example: If they answer "Newbie", the video segment you created for newbies will play next.
Step 4: Customize Branding & Add To Your Website
Select your video size, progress bar settings and even customize the look and feel of your new VAX Interactive Video to match your business branding. Copy the embed code and add it to ANY website.
Then Sit Back, Relax And Watch Sales Sky Rocket
w/ Real Time "Agency Level Video Analytics"
Giving You Valuable Insights On Your Most Profitable Videos & Customers
Video Popularity Graph
Compare unique & overall plays over any time period to measure viewer engagement and audience loyalty - allowing you to know exactly how your audience is reacting to your video.
Video Performance Stats
Get an investigative look on how your video is converting viewers into customers and how often that is happening. A quick look at this will tell you if your video is a winner or needs an overhaul. 
Product Sales Reporting
None of this matters unless your video can generate sales, and this section tells you which products are selling best - so you can ditch the losers and ramp up advertising on the hot sellers.
Questions Insights and Earnings
Perhaps the most powerful part of the analytics panel - see EXACTLY which segments of your audience are most profitable. This will give you PRICELESS data that you can use to dominate any market at will.
The Difference Will Be Obvious.
Whether you realize it or not, you're ignoring HALF of your audience
and losing a lot of sales in the process...
"Video Agent X" Comes Packed With All The
Features You Need To Dominate ANY Market
Works on
ANY Website!
You can embed your VAX videos on any website or landing page platform. Just copy the embed code and paste!

UNLIMITED Question &
Answer Levels!
You can drill down as deep as you want with your VAX videos. 
Why stop at just 1 question when you can keep going?
Drag & Drop
Just because the technology behind VAX is complicated, that doesn't mean you need to be a rocket scientist to use it. The drag & drop interface makes creating your first interactive video a breeze!
Compatible w/ All Top Video Software
Whatever software you use to make your videos, you can use it with "Video Agent X".
Works with Top Video Hosts
- FREE & Paid
Host your videos on the cloud for FREE w/ Youtube or Dropbox OR host it on Amazon S3 or your own server. The choice is yours!
Powerful "Agency Level" Video Analytics
Stop guessing about which group of customers spend the most money, what they buy or what video got them to buy. Just take a peek at the gorgeous Insights panel and you'll know for sure!
Custom Player
Color Branding
Easily customize the look and feel of the player question screen and create a seamless - familiar experience for your viewers.
Powerful Viewer Engagement & Segmentation
Let customers create their own personalized sales experience by crucial answering questions that determine your sales pitch.
Who's Perfect For "Video Agent X"?
Product Creators
Create captivating interactive sales videos that turn more viewers into paying customers.
Jack up commissions and stand out w/ interactive affiliate review videos.
Authors & Coaches
Create interactive story videos and even video interviews for coaching student applications.
Leverage the power of intelligent video pitch technology to move more products.
Offline Businesses
Acquire valuable data about your customers and create a new online revenue stream.
Teachers & Educators
Create interactive video lessons & courses and maximize student learning & results.
Which reminds me...
"It DOESN'T Just Work Well On Sales Videos"
Here are a few more ways you can use "Video Agent X" RIGHT NOW
to sky rocket viewer engagement, customer results AND your profits...
Interactive Webinar Replays
Interactive Video Courses
Interactive Landing Page Videos
Dynamic Pitch
Upsell Videos
Interactive Affiliate
Review Videos
"Video Interviews" for Coaching Applicants
Personalized "Story Time" Videos
Interactive Staff Training Videos
Claim Your Launch Discount on "Video Agent X"
Your Purchase Comes Loaded with ALL Powerful Features and a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Mac and PC Compatible
Love It or Pay Nothing.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you're not happy with Video Agent X for any reason at all, just let us know and we'll happily refund your money.
So there you have it...
"Video Agent X" is the first "intelligent video pitch delivery" system of its kind
Allowing you to speak directly to your prospect’s individual needs, wants and desires automatically with ONE sales video.

Without setting up separate sales pages or doing a bunch of time consuming and expensive split testing.

"Video Agent X" will increase the engagement your prospect has with your sales video, so they stick around and are exposed to your entire sales message.

And I don’t have to tell you that this means higher conversions, more sales and an overall happier life that comes from that.
So, To Harness the Power of "Video Agent X" On Your Next Sales Video
Go Ahead and Click the Order Button On This Page Right Now.
Claim Your Launch Discount on "Video Agent X"
Your Purchase Comes Loaded with ALL Powerful Features and a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Mac and PC Compatible
Complete the secure checkout process through Paypal...
And you'll get instant access to the members area and you can start using the application right away.

There's absolutely nothing to download as VAX is a web based app that you can login into and use from anywhere in the world, at any time.

And that also means it doesn't matter what type of computer you have, whether its mac or PC, it will work for you.
Oh and By the Way....
We're Currently Running a Special Limited Time Promotion
During This Special Launch Event.
"Video Agent X" is Going to a Monthly Price of at Least $197.00.
But when you grab your copy now during our special launch event, you can get LIFETIME access for one single payment, of just $67.

Not a bad investment either way, considering all it takes is a single extra sale of your own product at that price, and VAX pays for itself.

BUT, you must act now before this special offer expires.

And depending on when you arrive on this page, that could be anywhere from a few hrs or even mins from now. And you don’t wanna miss out on your lifetime discount.
Claim Your Launch Discount on "Video Agent X"
Your Purchase Comes Loaded with ALL Powerful Features and a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Mac and PC Compatible
Some Common Questions We Get Asked:
Will this work on a PC or Mac?

VAX is a cloud based software that doesn't require you to install anything on your computer. So, that means it works perfectly on ANY computer - and it doesn't matter if you're running Mac OR PC!
How many VAX videos can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of VAX videos and you can add an unlimited number of questions and answer videos to those VAX videos. You can store up to 10 VAX videos on our server at a time (each of those can have unlimited question & answer videos within them). Unlimited storage space can be purchase w/ the VAX Unlimited License in the members area or you can delete old videos to make room for more.
Are there any limitations on video views or bandwidth?

Absolutely not! We don't host your videos so we don't have to charge you for bandwidth use. We do host your VAX player and question and answer data but there are no limitations on those at all.
Do I really get FREE updates to VAX?

Yes! Commercial users get Free updates for life and Personal users get Free updates for 6 months. We have a lot of cool features planned for VAX 2.0, and you will get those for Free as an existing user. We'll never ask you to buy another license.
I'm not tech savvy, does VAX come with any training?

Yes. We spent a lot of time creating detailed video tutorials so you never have to worry about feeling lost or unsure how to use your new software. If there's something you need help with not covered in the tutorials, you can just open a support ticket and we will figure it out!
Does it require a lot of work to make interactive sales videos?

Absolutely NOT! In fact, you are doing 75% LESS work using VAX if you were to make a different sales video and landing page for each of your separate customer groups. You're losing sales now because you're ignoring half of your audience, and VAX is the shortcut to reaching them and turning them into active buyers!
Is it OK to use with YouTube videos?

Absolutely! VAX is perfectly safe to use with Youtube videos, whether it's a video you own or someone else's. We do recommend only using videos without ads enabled as it could interfere with the interactive video experience.
Do I need to download or install anything?

Nope! VAX is a cloud based software hosted on our secure & powerful cloud servers. All you have to do is login to your account and start using the software! You will need the internet obviously!
What video hosts does VAX support?

A lot! You can use videos hosted on Youtube, Dropbox (HOT!) or even videos you host on your server or Amazon S3.
Are there any monthly fees?

No, there are no monthly fees required to use VAX and all it's features. However, there is a VAX Unlimited monthly add-on option that you can purchase in the members area at a significant discount if you want to store more than 10 VAX videos on our server at the same time. You can also delete old videos to Free up storage space.
Can I use this for client videos?

If you plan to use it for clients, you will need to get the Pro option on this page. Lite only gives you the rights to use on your own videos. 
Does this work on mobile?

Due to hardware limitations this technology will not work on mobile phones BUT, we've integrated a "mobile fall back video" feature so you can automatically show mobile-specific versions of your videos to your viewers automatically so you don't lose any viewers.
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